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Here is a list of the fish we have in stock at this time. We do our best to update this list on a regular basis so that our online inventory accurately reflects what we currently have in store.



We've created several search tools that you can use to find species that correspond to your needs. During your visit at Aquarius, one of our in-store specialists will gladly offer you a tour of the species we have in stock and help you find the most suitable ones for your tank(s). To make sure our fish are healthy and parasite-free, we quarantine all new arrivals in our quanrantine area. Our 130 aquarium-quarantine zone allows us to better control the quality and overall health of the fish we sell and has played a crucial role in building our good reputation over the decades. Our fish are imported directly from tropical area, most notably; Singapore, Bangkok and Columbia. We are proud of what we have to offer and cannot wait for you to come visit us!



Some species can fail to make it onto our "in stock" list. Your visit may yield some unexpected finds!